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Ernest Hem­ing­way was one of the most impor­tant amer­i­can writ­ers. He spent a long time in Italy and he trav­elled a lot through Veneto. The first time he met Fer­nanda Pivano, his ital­ian trans­la­tor, he was in Cortina.
They met in 1948. To reach him she faced a long and dif­fi­cult jour­ney by steam trains. She arrived at night. She was exhausted and “with a dark face, like a chimney-​sweep”: that is what she said.
Hem­ing­way was wait­ing for her in the din­ing room sur­rounded by his friends and gave her a warm wel­come. After a lit­tle con­ver­sa­tion, he offered her a glass of wine to warm up. She declined, stat­ing that she was a tee­to­taller. Hem­ing­way, frown­ing, told her: “That’s bad: never trust a woman that doesn’t drink wine”.
In Theresa Eccher we have a sim­i­lar idea. Because wine is life, har­mony, thought, pas­sion and cul­ture: here what you loose if you renounce wine.
Wine pro­duc­tion is some­thing more than a nor­mal indus­trial busi­ness, it is some­how close to art. Because we don’t only have to har­vest, we have to pre­pare wine: just start­ing from the vine, then select­ing the bunches, har­vest­ing and squeez­ing them in the right sea­son. We don’t squeeze them too much, because the first grape juice is the best one. In other words, we look after the wine pro­duc­tion as if it were a liv­ing thing. The man who mar­ries Nature to give birth to a lit­tle every­day mir­a­cle: this is wine for us in Theresa Eccher.


Seek­ing and find­ing excel­lence, break­ing the mold, out of fleet­ing taste trends. Sal­vaging deep-​rooted and for­got­ten vine­yards. Work­ing to achieve the plea­sure of a qual­ity with­out com­pro­mise, when­ever and wherever.

This is the basic phy­los­o­phy of Theresa Eccher plan.


Theresa Eccher was a strong woman and she was born when Trentino was a part of the Austro-​Hungarian Empire. She had a res­olute and voli­tive char­ac­ter, essen­tial to face two World Wars and, most of all, to over­come the shock of the change of her country.

She belonged to a fam­ily branch his­tor­i­cally tied to the wine: a con­nec­tion restarted and enlivened by Theresa’s grand­daugh­ter Daniela Conta and her hus­band Andrea Panozzo.

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